Focus on business growth and leave backups, updates, maintenance to us.
Enjoy fully functional website, always available to your clients.

Here are just a few ways that we can help you

We can fix any small issue you request and improve your site in a number of ways. A few examples include:

Stop Site Hacking

Boost your brand

Speed up your site

Grow your business traffic

Reduce your bounce rate

Boost conversion

Services to choose from

You can choose a ready-made plans that satisfy most needs or
you can build your own with LEGO-like bricks below:


A copy of your site backed up on a separate server. For the rainy day.


Applying updates regularly prevent hackers from accessing your site.

Malware scan

We act before the malicious code spreads across the entire site. 

Small fixes

Necessary fixes to overcome conflicts between new versions of WordPress core and plugins.

Uptime monitoring

Your website is constantly monitored for availability to your clients.

Site optimization

Analysis & optimization of code that is responsible for the high position in search engines.

Individuals & Bloggers

400 zł / per Month

Updates once a month
Graphic template
WordPress core

Full backup of the site every month
Database backup every week

Security package
Counteracting attacks
Security patches

  Ticket system
24/7 email support

Small Business

800 zł / per Month

Updates every week
Graphic template + preparation of child template
WordPress Core
Small patches in the page code that are required after the upgrade

Full backup of the site every week
Database backup daily

Security package
Counteracting attacks
Security patches
Website log analysis
Restore website afer the attack

Ticket system
24/7 Email and phone Support

Website availability monitoring in real time

Measuring and reporting traffic

What you get for free

  • Expert knowledge of WordPress ecosystem. If you are not sure about anything – just write and we will answer.
  • Restore from backup that we’ve previously created
  • Security audit + improvement suggestions. This is one of the first activities we do before monthly support

Are there more plans?

Above plans are just an example what you can get. To customize it, use our plan builder.

Get peace of mind

Put your WordPress site in good hands and focus on what you do best.

Choose a plan